I was introduced to Barefoot Books by a fellow teacher. One day, she pulled some of the sing-along books out and I sat in awe as a large group of toddlers sat through book after book, completely captivated! I've been living Barefoot ever since! I jumped on board in May of 2014 when I learned of the Ambassador opportunity. I'm so glad I did! I have created a business that allows me to offer all things literacy. I am part of a community of like-minded individuals who are led by the most down-to-earth team. (Check out the pic of one of the co-founders and I, that was taken when I was visiting Cambridge, Massachusetts and stopped by the home office.)

So what makes people want to become an ambassador? A love for literacy, a desire to inspire children, the need to give back to your community, the freedom to run your own business and earn an income, the longing for children to have access to diverse books, a desire to pursue your passion.

Who becomes an ambassador? Teachers, home school moms, full-time working professionals, book lovers, shop owners, spouses, grandparents, stay at home moms, retirees, EVERYBODY!